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Customs Intelligence & Investigation is specially assigned to combat country wide smuggling and prevent evasion of duties & taxes leviable on import-export goods assessed by the customs station. In this regard the Organizational Set-up of Customs Intelligence is the Director General as Head of the Department is directly responsible for over all monitoring. supervision and control. The Joint Director, Deputy Director and the Assistant Director are the staff officers to assist him in day to day affairs.

The Govt. appoints the Director General of Customs Intelligence & Investigation under Sec. 3(e) of Customs Act, 1969, & under Sec. 4 of Customs Act 1969 the Director General has been empowered to exercise all powers & to discharge all duties for subordinate office to comply all the rules & regulations of Customs Act. He is also empowred to excise other allied acts. like Foreign Exchange Regulation Act. 1947, Import & Export Control Act. 1950, Dangerous Drug Act. etc.

Relationship between Customs with other law enforcement agencies are good it manage anti-smuggling activities; considering the reality Govt. has empower different agencies like BDR, Police, Navy, Army and Coast Guards to discharge anti-smuggling duties within their own fields. In this respect some anti-smuggling task forces have been formed at different levels to co-operate the customs as well as to discharge anti-smuggling activities in the country the task forces are as follows:

a) NTF at National level
b) CTF at National level
c) RTF at Divisional level
d) DTF at Divisional level

Directorate of Customs Intelligence & Investigation is the contact point of Bangladesh to Regional Intelligence Liaison office (RILO), WCO (World Customs Organization) & CEN (Customs Enforcement Network). With the mutual co-operation and day to day contact over Fax, E-mail and Web Site, we exchange our views and sought information over various issue. We send our monthly Drug Report to CEN by Web site regularly.